Interclub Team

Ages 6-11

The Interclub program provides beginner gymnasts wth the opportunity to develop their gymnastics skills while being a part of a team. There is an introduction to routines and performance in a non-stress environment preparing the girls to enter either our Xcel or CCP Competitive Programs when they are ready. 

Be a part of a team starting from your very first gymnastic class!

Our Interclub Team is perfect for the beginner or intermediate gymnast who have aspirations of competing & being on a competitive team. Girls in this program train with the same group of girls all year, which allows a more continuous skill progression than the traditional recreational program where the groups are changing throughout the year.

The Interclub Beginner program is for girls who are a Foundations I skill level (with little to no experience required).

The Interclub Intermediate program is for girls who have all or most of Foundation II/Prep skills - 

Floor - Handstand, cartwheel, bridge, bridge kickover  Bars-  kickover/pull-over, back hip-circle.

 Beam - straight jump, pivot turns, baby handstand. 

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Girls in the Interclub program are ages 6-11 and train 1-2 times per week for 1.5 hrs - 2 hrs from September to June. Gymnasts build upon the skills taught in Foundations as they learn routines on all 4 apparatus at their individual skill level. In the Interclub Performance category, girls perform routines in front of the crowd for an adjudicator and receive positive comments about their routine and a participation medal as well as the opportunity to earn various special awards. Interclub Team members are required to attend both the Kelowna Invitational (hosted by Synergy in February) and the Fun In The Sun Invitational (hosted by Synergy in June). Interclub gymnasts may also be invited to attend other meets throughout the year.

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Interclub is 10-month program running from September-June. By signing your athlete up she/you are committing to the entire 10 month period. Monthly tuition is amortized over the entire season into 10 equal monthly payments. All stat holidays and breaks (Spring Break and Christmas Break) have been taken into account. 

Additionally all Interclub gymnasts are required to purchase an Interclub/Prep bodysuit (~$50), annual admin fee ($15) and annual Gymnastic BC Recreational Interclub Membership (~$60) as well as any competition/meet fees associated with competitions/meets athletes will be attending. 

There is no assessment required for entry in our Interclub groups however this program is geared towards girls who have are independent, have a desire to learn, the ability to focus and take corrections, a positive attitude and who want more challenge and focus than the traditional recreational program. 

Interclub Beginner:  little to no experience required. 

Will be learning/mastering - floor: rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridge & bridge kick-over. Bars: kick-over/pull-over, casting, back hip circle. Beam: jumps, pivot turns, handstand and cartwheel progressions.

 Vault: jump to handstand flat back.

Interclub Intermediate: Girls who have already mastered all of the the Beginner skills. 

Will be learning or continue mastering: floor: handstand tip to bridge, handstand rolls, back/front walk-overs, round-offs, tumbling drills. Bars: pull-over, squat on, jump to high bar, High bar pull-over,  hip circles.

Beam: handstands, cartwheels, jumps, leaps, rolls. Vault: handstand flat back, ft handspring over mat stack

To secure your spot in one of our Interclub groups please complete the online registration process as well as read the Interclub Contract/Information below.

Interclub Contract/Information

 Interclub Performance: September 6th 2022- June  23rd 2023 -

Interclub Beginner A (6-7 yrs) - Monday 3:30-5:00pm - $125.00/mth + tax - 2 Spots 

Interclub Beginner C (7-11 yrs) - Tuesday 4:45 -6:15p m - $130.00/mth + tax -Full

Interclub Beginner B (6-7 yrs) - Thursday 4:45 - 6:15 pm - $130.00/mth + tax - Full

Interclub Beginner D (6-9 yrs) - Friday 4:45 -6:15pm - $125.00/mth + tax - 1 Spots

Interclub Intermediate A (7-11 yrs) - Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm - $160.00/mth + tax - 1 Spot

Interclub Beginner/Intermediate B (7-11 yrs) - Thursday 5:30-7:30pm - $160.00/mth + tax - Full

*Spots are limited as class sizes are kept small to ensure the girls have appropriate time and attention to develop & master skills.

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Pre-Team: Preparatory

Ages 6-9

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Girls in the Preparatory Pre-Team program are ages 5-10 and train 1 time per week for 90 minutes from January to June. The Preparatory program is for girls who already have a foundation of gymnastic skills and who are intend on JOINING OUR TEAM PROGRAMS for the following season. Gymnasts build upon the skills taught in Foundations to enhance their skill development. These girls learn routines on all 4 apparatus and participate in the Interclub Performance category at our year-end Fun In The Sun Invitational in June. Select girls may also be invited to participate in additional competitions held locally in May and June. In the Interclub Performance category, girls perform routines for an adjudicator and receive positive comments about their routine and a participation medal as well as the opportunity to earn various special awards. Gymnasts must purchase the Pre-Team suit (~50).

Prep:  January 3rd 2023- June  23rd 2023

This is an invite only class designed to prepare girls to enter our team programs in August 2023. 

Girls/families who have no intention of joining a team program for next season SHOULD NOT register in a prep class.

Tuition is amortized for the session and takes into account closures due to stat holidays + no classes March 21st-April 2nd due to Spring Break. Please note that Friday/Saturday classes will be closed the weekend of our Kelowna Invitational Competition in mid February and the weekend of our Fun In The Sun Invitational in June (Dates to follow when confirmed) Registration is for the entire 6 month session and tuition is broken into equal monthly payments of the amounts listed below.

 In the event of unforeseen closure/class cancellation, tuition will be put on hold/adjusted accordingly.

Classes not available at this time.

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