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Cindy Rost

Owner, Head Coach, Performance Program Coordinator

WAG Intro to Comp Advanced, Level 2 TG, Coach Evaluator

Cindy began her coaching career in 1999 as the Pre-School Program Coordinator with North Peace Gymnastics in Fort St John. Throughout her career she has worked with gymnasts of all ages and skill levels. Cindy and her two amazing daughters (Haillie & Brittney) moved to Kelowna in 2009. In 2011 she became a co-owner of a successful Rec. based gymnastics centre. In January 2017 she ventured out on her own and created the Synergy Gymnastics Centre.  Cindy recently completed her BA of Psychology, with a focus in Child & Sport Psychology, from UBCO and feels that this is just one more way to assist athletes on their road to success. Outside the gym she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her granddaughters, Ally & Mia, paddle boarding  and enjoying all the Okanagan has to offer.

Haillie Soetaert

Assistant Head Coach, Competitive Program Coordinator

 WAG Intro to Comp Advanced, Level 2 TG, JO 6-8 Judge, Coach Evaluator

Haillie is a former competitive gymnast and competitive dancer. She began coaching in 2012 and has coached gymnasts whose levels ranged from pre-school to competitive. She enjoys coming up with new drills and progressions for teaching skills and is a valued choreographer. Haillie has a Bachelor of Science from UBC Okanagan and is currently working on her Human Kinetics degree. She and her husband are the proud parents of two beautiful little girls.

Tami Calkins



Tami is a WAG & TG Level 3 Coach. She is a Coach Training Instructor and a Level 6-8 Judge. Tami loves our sport and has been coaching for almost 20 years. She brings an invaluable  wealth of knowledge and skill to our team and to the athletes she works with. 

Cori Calkins



Cori is a WAG Intro to Comp Advanced and a TG Level 3 Coach. She is also a Level 3-5 Judge and a former competitive gymnast.

Cori has a BS in Human Kinetics and is the lead coach in our High School Gymnastics (HSG) program. Her ability to connect and inspire her gymnasts make her a welcome addition to our team. 

Brittney Rost



Brittney is a Level 2 WAG, Level 1 TG, Level 1 Rhythmic coach. She is a current member of our Competitive Adult program, a former competitive gymnast and  dancer. Brittney  recently completed her BA with a Math major/Economics minor at UBCO. Brittney's love of artistry, movement and choreography make her an incredible asset on our team.

Jill Peters



Jill is a Foundation‚Äč Level and Intro to Comp Coach. Her enthusiasm, sense of humour and endless pool of energy make her the perfect Pre-Foundations coach. Her positive attitude and dedication makes her a valued team member. Jills daughter is a member of our JO team.

Cassidy Ashman



Cassidy is a Level 2 WAG coach and former competitive dancer.  Cassidy is currently in her 3rd year of the Human Kinetics program at UBCO working towards becoming a physiotherapist and a valued team member. 

Breanna Read



Breanna is a WAG and TG Level 2 coach. She is also a competitive weight lifter, a former competitive dancer, and a licensed Massage Therapist. Her enthusiasm for coaching kids is infectious. 

Shelynne Zlipko



Shelynne is a Foundation Level Coach, an athlete in our JO Competitive Program, and a CIT graduate who enjoys coaching young gymnasts and helping them to reach their full potential.

Ireland Jennens



Ireland is a Foundation Level coach and an athlete in our competitive High School Gymnastics Program. She is a graduate of the CIT program and a positive role model for the athletes that she coaches.

Dawn Joseph



Dawn is a WAG Level 3 Coach and a licensed  Kinesiologist who specializes in Core Training. Dawns passion for a health body and lifestyle make her a perfect fit on our team. Dawn's oldest daughter is a member of our JO Team.

Brooke Gardiner



Brooke is a Level 2 WAG coach and a former team member/Junior Coach (CIT) . She started gymnastics at age 13 and loves the sport. Brooke is currently attending UBCO in her 1st year of the nursing program. 

Ally Clarke



Ally is a Level 1 WAG coach who participated in our Junior Coaching program. She is a current member of our High School Competitive Program. Ally's positive attitude and great work ethic makes her an ideal role model for teammates. 

Taitum Lincoln



Taitum is a WAG Level 1 coach, a graduate of the CIT program, a former competitive athlete and a current member of our Competitive Adult program. Taitum also attends UBCO working towards her BS in Marine Biology. 

Ella Hubert

Junior Coach

Ella is in her final year of our Pre-CIT program, which  provides gymnasts ages 13-14 practical experience to assist them in their future coaching career.

Ella is also a member of our Competitive HSG program. Her patience and work ethic make her a great role model for her athletes.

Zea Mackie

Junior Coach

Zea is in her 1st year of our Pre-CIT program. She is also a member of our Competitive HSG Program.

Her hard work and determination makes her a great role model for our younger athletes and a fabulous addition to our CIT team.

Alexa Martin

Junior Coach

Alexa is in her 1st year of our Pre-CIT program,  a member of our Competitive  JO team, as well as a competitive skier. Her work ethic and drive make her an incredible role model for our younger athletes and a great addition to out CIT program.

Sofia Mah

Junior Coach

Sofia is in her 1st year of our Pre-CIT program. She is also a member of our Competitive JO team. Her work ethic and ability to overcome challenges make her an inspirational role model for our young gymnasts. She is a welcome addition to our CIT program.

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Synergy Gymnastics is always looking for dynamic coaches to join our Team. All interested parties are asked to contact us via the website.