Pre-Team/Prep Programs

Ages 4-15

The Pre-Team program provides young gymnasts wth the opportunity to develop their gymnastics skills while being a part of a team. There is an introduction to routines and performance in a non-stress environment preparing the girls to enter either the Interclub Performance Program or the JO Competitive Program in the future. Gymnasts chosen for the Pre-Team Program have shown a desire to learn, the ability to focus and take correction, a positive attitude, and show potential for future skill development. Girls in the Preparatory program are required to purchase a Pre-Team suit and will participate in our year end display on June 20th.

Preparatory Classes: Assessment/Coach recommendation required

March 30th- June 20th

Preparatory: Pre-Team(ages 3-5)    Wednesday 12:30-1:45pm - $105 + tax

Preparatory: Pre-Team(ages 5+)     Saturday 9:00-11:00am - $165 + tax

*Current students that have received coach recommendation can register online. New students who are interested need to schedule an assessment using the link at the bottom of the page.*

Preparatory Registration

January 6th- June 19th

Preparatory: JO 1 Prep (Morning)(ages 4-5) Tuesday 11:30am-12:45pm and Thursday 11:30am-12:45pm

Preparatory: JO 1/2 Prep (ages 4.5-7) Monday 3:30-5:00pm and Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm

Preparatory: Pre-Team (ages 7+) Friday 5:15-7:15pm    

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Girls in the Interclub Pre-Team program are ages 5-10 and train 2 times per week for 75 minutes. Gymnasts build upon the skills taught in Foundations and have the option of adding tumbling and extra training days (January-June) to enhance their skill development. Girls perform routines on all 4 apparatus in the Performance category at our Year-End Performance Mini-Meet in June. Select girls may also be invited to participate in additional competitions held throughout the year. 

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Pre-Team groups are 10-month programs running from September-June with optional summer training in July and August.

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From January-June of every year we offer Performance Prep programs for girls ages 5-12 who are new to our team and show potential to join one of our Programs the following September. These girls perform routines on all 4 apparatus at our Year-End Performance Mini-Meet at the end of June and select girls may also be invited to participate in the Ogopogo meet in West Kelowna at the beginning of June. The program prepares girls to enter our Interclub Performance Program, JO Competitive Program or High School Gymnastics Program the following year. Gymnasts in the preparatory groups are required to purchase a pre-team bodysuit.

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